To further ensure the safety of the school and foster vigilance among its community members, the DHVSU Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office in cooperation with the Philippine National Police held a bomb threat awareness seminar for teaching and non-teaching personnel on October 2 at the University Auditorium.

The whole day, two-batch event, led by Pampanga Bomb Squad’s Police Master Sergeant Enrico S. Maderas, featured an introduction to bombs and explosives, as well as precautionary measures to follow upon receiving a bomb threat. After presenting different strategies terrorists use to make bomb threats and describing various bomb-searching techniques, Madreas advised the participants to be cautious about suspicious-looking persons and packages, and to avoid panicking in such situations. He also recommended conducting regular bomb drills or dry runs to aid in preparation.

Afterwards, Police Staff Sergeant Danilo N. Alipio, a certified K9 handler, gave a background on the different trainings that police dogs undergo before getting certified to do the job. This was followed by a short demonstration on how a bomb-sniffing dog does its work through the assistance of another K9 handler, Police Corporal Richard O. Bomogao.

Towards the end of the seminar, Police Corporal Nelson Decena reminded the participants about Presidential Decree No. 1727, commonly referred to as the Bomb Joke Law, which prohibits dissemination of false information regarding the alleged presence of bombs or means of destruction for the purpose of creating public confusion and disorder. A person found guilty of such may face up to five years of imprisonment or up to Php 40,000.00 in fines.

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