The Don Honorio Ventura State University’s College Men’s Basketball Team emerged as champions in the University and Colleges Athletic Association of Pampanga (UCAAP) Season 3 after winning game two in a best-of-three matches against the Saint Nicolas College of Business and Technology (SNC) on December 8 with a final score of 72-68.

Though the Honorians made it from start to finish without any losses this season, a first in UCAAP championship history, the cinching game was hard fought with all the lead changes that occurred, according to Dr. Normando Simon, Director of the University’s Office of Sports Development. He was also proud that the Honorians were able to maintain double-digit lead in game despite the uncertainty.

Accompanying the victorious sweep are well-deserved awards the team members received. Joseph “The Scavenger” Francisco was chosen at this season’s Best Forward, while Clifton James “Thy Skywalker” Gania was named Most Valuable Player. The team’s coach, Mr. Rexan Cunan, was granted the Best Coach Award.

The UCAAP Season 3 officially opened on August 25 with 27 teams from the Junior and Seniors Division competing for the top spot. As the new champions, the Honorians will represent the province in the Philippine Collegiate Champions’ League (PCCL) on February 9-12, 2020 in Naga City.

Last year, the team snagged the PCCL championship spot. “We plan to defend the championship again this year,” said Dr. Simon said. “Additionally, we hope to push our Honorians to get a gold medal in the upcoming SCUAA 3,” he added. The SCUAA or the State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association is an association of 93 institutions, conferences, organizations, and individuals that organizes the athletic programs of different state colleges and universities in the Philippines.

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