by Patrick Bryan Porras | The Industrialist 

Despite the pandemic situation, the Gender and Development (GAD) Unit of DHVSU was able to make its presence felt in the university as it intensified its advocacy. 

In the recently held National Women’s Month Celebration, activities were organized to target multiple sectors concerning gender empowerment advocacies. 

Aside from students, persons with disabilities, single parents, teachers, among others were included in the one-month celebration of the unit. 

The impact of the office was also seen in the conduct of their genderized programs and activities, engaging more Honorians to participate and uphold the GAD advocacy. 

The unit has also empowered other offices throughout the university to be committed to the cause by implementing GAD attribution on their activities to mainstream the advocacy. Included in their conducted programs were the National Women's Month Celebration, Friday Mass, Orange-It-Day, and Purple-It-Day. 

They also boosted their "Know the Signs, End the Silence" mechanism. Additionally, the office was able to come up with a GFPS Organizational Chart, a Responsibility Center, a Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System, and Advocacy Goodwill.

In light of this, DHVSU was also invited by the Regional Gender and Development Committee (RGDAC) and has also been recognized by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) as one of the institutions that sustain its commitment to women's empowerment programs. The Commission on Higher Education has also acknowledged the unit’s undying devotion to gender mainstreaming advocacies.

Particularly, the PCW has endorsed the GAD Plan and Budget of the unit and the continuing accomplishments of the university has been noted by the said commission. 

DHVSU President Enrique G. Baking together with the Gender Focal Point System is in full support of the advocacy of the unit headed by Dr. Dolores T. Quiambao. 

Source: Gender and Development Office