Guidance is a learning process wherein the individual is helped through a series of services to facilitate understanding of oneself, attain self-mastery and direction. It recognizes and respects the worth and dignity of self and his/her relationship with others; thus, becoming the whole person the student desires to be. Guidance is more of prevention rather than cure.

     Our vision is to support the academic and other department to attain the vision and mission of Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University. We provide holistic formation to the students by assisting them in their personal, social, educational and occupational planning that will promote the psychological well-being of students and make them productive members of the community and to the country in general.


We assist the students to have a better understanding and appreciation of their well-being.

We provide positive guidance to the students in making sound decisions.
We develop among students’ appropriate interpersonal relationships.
We assist students to appreciate self, family and community.
We assist students to identify and develop skills needed in preparation for their chosen career.
We provide possible job opportunities for the students by establishing linkages with other institutions, business firms and government offices.

     The focus of guidance is the individual, not the problems; its purpose is to promote the growth of the individual in terms of self-direction.
Encourage personal involvement towards immediate community and develop the willingness, to render services to his neighbors when needed, the desire to celebrate life together with them, and the eagerness to do something for the common good of the community.

To assist the individual to discover his unique self and his needs.

To assess his potentialities and evaluate his weakness by gradually helping him to accept himself; lead the students develop lifelong values and goals that are individually satisfying and socially desirable.
To formulate plans of action in the services of these goals, and to proceed toward their realization.

Guidance Services

    Help students recognize, accept and develop their potential, adjust to the school, and develop the skills needed to cope with the problems they meet.

     Design to help you know your school better and become aware of the different Guidance services. Orientation to first year students including extension campuses, junior and senior high school students is via Video presentation posted on the DHVSU Guidance and Testing Center FB Page.

    Provides a synthesis of information about individuals which can be used to gain understanding of themselves as a person – their potential strengths and weaknesses, abilities, interests and needs; which will serve as reference in case analysis and counseling. *Accomplishment of the cumulative forms to first year college, transferees, Grade 7 and Grade 11 is done thru Google form via online link posted on the DHVSU Guidance and Testing center FB Page.
Student Information sheet
Individual Counseling Summary
Cumulative record
Test record
Interest inventory
Personality inventory
Non test/self-evaluation report 

    The heart of the guidance program is counseling service. It is a form of intervention that leads to a more effective behavior. This is done where there is a pressing need to talk to the student. This may be in the form of face to face, online, and tele-counseling in all colleges including extension campuses, junior and senior high school.
Individual counseling
Group counseling
Career counseling

  This is the administration of the standardized test to all our new students and transferees which is a basis for individual’s ability, interest, aptitudes and plans. We administer and interpret psychological tests to junior and high school students, different colleges, on-the-job training and applicants for employment.
University Admission Test
Scholastic Ability Test
Aptitude test
Personality Test
Psychometric Assessment

    This service is an organized sharing through individual and group activities through the DHVSU Guidance and Testing Center Facebook Page. It provides students with personal-social, educational-academic, and vocational-occupational information. Moreover, the Guidance Center sponsors lectures, film showing, seminars/webinars and other activities on campus, all aimed at your total development.
Educational information
Vocational-Occupational information
Personal-Social information

     This service is one of the major roles of the guidance counselor and guidance associate being the specialist on how to respond to needs and behavior of their clientele. To have a mutual sharing and analysis of information with the administration/management, faculty members, parents and other specialists to facilitate sound decision-making and come up with programs and strategies to aid the students’ needs.

    If problem is not within the level of competence of the Guidance Personnel, the client will be advised to see other helping professional and / or institutions to obtain services that might be more effective in helping the student.

     This service is intended to secure information about former students and provide continuing services for students after they leave school. This is a technique for evaluating the appropriateness and adequacy of the instructional program. The guidance center helps find out the condition of the student who received assistance and also seeks to determine the sufficiency of the programs and services extended in meeting the needs of the students.

     This service is also conducted in the guidance center. The data obtained in this service are being used for innovations in the programs and in designing interventions. The Center conducts research studies relevant to the needs of the students and our programs our evaluated to assess their effectiveness with the end in view of improving the guidance services.


Peer Facilitator Training Program
A group of responsible and trusted students will be trained in dealing with peers to be able for the friends with problem to open up.

General Objective:
To help students gain knowledge, attitudes, and behavior needed to grow up healthy-physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and financially capable.
To help students learn strategies for managing anger, depressions, and resolving conflicts peacefully.
To promote mental health awareness, identify and assist students with psychological needs and to build a caring culture among students on campus.
To assured welfare of students in achieving self-understanding and self-awareness.
To provide a just and humane school environment to the students.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support to DHVSU Employees
Provides individual or group counseling services to employees experiencing anxiety, panic attack, fear, stress, and other mental health-related concerns brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic. The program aims to assist DHVSU personnel to develop positive coping skills and resiliency. The process will also assist an individual employee to address troubling thoughts and emotions so as to regain control and become a more functional individual.




Richard N. Briones, MAGC, RGC

Guidance Coordinator III:

Maria Lou David-Dimatulac, MAGC, RGC

Guidance Counselors:    

Maria Faustina A. Zapanta, MAGC,RGC
Sarah Marie G. Tolentino, MAGC, RGC
Fatima Janine C. Saplala, MAGC, RGC (LUBAO CAMPUS)


Andrea C. Buan, RPm

Guidance Associates:  


Pamela B. Licup, Ed.D
Ivan G. Liwanag
Sheryll Marie M. Evaristo, MAGC, LPT
Michael Paul P. Sable, RPm
Paz P. Lacap, LLB
Laharni Solis, MAGC (Mexico Campus)
Jervis Gail Gonzales ( Sto. Tomas Campus)
Maris Gegante (Porac Campus)


Mark Ian Maguddayao
Pee Jay M. Castro