DHVSU alumnus wins 2023 Architecture Drawing Prize

From being one of the top-notch examinees of the Architecture Licensure Examination (ALE) to becoming the overall winner of the 2023 Architecture Drawing Prize, Arch. Eldry John M. Infante is truly a champion.

His entry, titled '(Re)membering the Sea Monster' (2023), created with ink on paper and digital manipulation, measuring 14.33 by 29.14 inches, became the first Philippine-based honoree in the competition's hybrid category.

Infante, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Don Honorio Ventura State University - Batch 2018, also achieved the 9th place in the January 2022 ALE. Congratulations, Honorian! Your DHVSU community is proud of your outstanding achievement.

You may visit this link for more details - https://kanto.com.ph/voices/eldry-infante-architecture-drawing-prize-2023-2/ fbclid=IwAR1QluboWdpTSC6KfJkwDkX7EVwx72vdb3RlnoAFMHAHLTRMrcKW8hDXfZU

Text by: Samantha F. Batalla | Management Information System Office
Photo credits: kanto.com.ph & The Architecture Drawing Prize