The Office of the Student Affairs

This Office helps the University in creating an integrated learning experience that helps students reach their educational, personal, and professional aspirations by enhancing their full potential in school and after graduation. It helps create a campus community where students are prepared to contribute to a changing world with social values and understanding of ethical behavior that compliments social responsibility and peace-loving, patriotic Filipino.

The Office also serves as the official communication link with other authorities in the University and the student body on matters concerning student welfare and development, student activities/programs and student discipline. It also acts as the extension of the Administration on matters related to the implementation of University regulations concerning appropriate student behavior. Headed and managed by the Director of Student Affairs under whom are the following Adiver/s and Coordinator/s:
  • Coordinator, Guidance, Counseling and Testing
  • Coordinator, Scholarship and Financial Assistance
  • Coordinator, Library Services
  • Adviser/s, University Student Council
  • Adviser/s, University Student Publication
  • Coordinator, Graduate School Student Council
    • Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)
    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
    • Master in Public Administration (MPA)
    • Master in Business Administration (MBA)


The Office of Student Affairs envisions to be the center for holistic student development that provide an integrated learning in a fast-changing technological world.

The Student Affairs is committed to inspire, educate, and support students in their efforts to develop their knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and dispositions (KSAVD) in order to be globally competitive individuals.

Objectives of the Program
  1. Create a working environment with the technologically advanced equipment and facilities, updated information system and complete testing, guidance and counseling facilities.
  2. Attract the finest students by providing the unique “DHVTSU-experience,” an organizational climate that is individually satisfying that could meet the social needs of students and at the same time, the attainment of the mission and the vision of the University to produce highly competent technologists and high-quality human resources technology provider.
  3. Monitor Student Affairs program of activities/projects.
  4. Provide leadership and support to University-wide student affairs programs that contribute in the total development of the personhood of students through experiential learning opportunities.
  5. Democratize access to quality education of poor but deserving students.
Student Affairs Values
Student Affairs is dedicated to:
  1. Delivering high quality services to all students through collaboration with the concerned faculties/teachers and other departments of the University;
  2. Creating dynamic living and learning communities that promote intellectual and spiritual growth and development;
  3. Promoting a work environment where the staff/personnel is valued and respected; and
  4. Honoring diversity and fostering mutual respect among students, faculty and staff by encouraging a culture of understanding, belonging and civility.

The Student Services Program

The Student Services is committed to the balanced and integrated development of students through its coordinated programs and services that will complement the academic offerings of the University. These were established in order to pinpoint responsibility and accountability of personnel and to effect smooth flow of work and coordination of the different student services of the school.

Duties and Responsibilities


Ms. Gloria B. Gigante, Ed.D.
Director, Office of Student Affairs

Student Services Unit Coordinators

Ms. Rosemarie D. Malang
Library Services (University Research and Learning Center)

Ms. Jaira S. Tuazon
President, University Student Council

Mr. Jiro Michael B. Maniago
Edito-in-Chief, Student Publication
The Industrialist

Ms. Glenda Rose C. Borbajo
Office Secretary, Student Affairs

Ms. Romelette I. Kabiling
Office Secretary, Student Affairs