The Medical Services envisions itself to be driving force to promote physical, mental and spiritual health among the academic population and the community not only through treatment and/or prevention of diseases but also through the maintenance of sanitation in environment.


The Medical Services spearheads the promotion and development of physical and mental health among the university population through medical and dental intervention, health education, physical rehabilitation and prevention of diseases.

  1. To create working environment with the technologically advanced equipment, facilities, and updated information system.
  2. To establish a health care system that will integrate electronic medical records, research, journals and updates in medical knowledge in our daily operation. This will create an accessible guide in implementing such systems easier for emerging and developing country.
  3. To provide professional education program like continuing medical education, seminars, symposium and training for updates.
  4. To broaden the scope of health care services rendered to our students and personnel.
  5. To create linkages among local, regional, and national government for health advisory.
  6. To maintain a disease free and healthy DHVTSU community.
  7. To continuously implement the Magna Carta of Public Health Workers.

Services Offered


  1. Free consultation and health advice
  2. First Aid and Treatments
  3. Physical examination
  4. Issuance and administration of medicines as needed
  5. Issuance of Medical certificates
  6. Referrals to specialists
  7. Outreach programs
    • Medical missions
    • Bloodletting operation


  1. Dental Consultation
  2. Dental Treatment
    • Treatment of dental pain
    • Treatment of carious teeth with abscess
    • Treatment of carious teeth with pulp polyp
    • Treatment of inflamed and swollen Gingival
  3. Medical (temporary) filling to open cavity, deep and big caries
  4. Exodontia (simple tooth extraction)
    • Extraction/Surgery of impacted tooth not included
  5. Treatment of oral thrush (singaw)
  6. Issuance of dental certificates

Medical and Dental Services Staff

Medical Services Staff

Dr. Arthur L. Odchigue
Medical Officer IV

Mrs. Antonietta L. Cordero, RN
Nurse IV

Mr. Philip Rafael G. Malate, RN
Nurse III

Mrs. Rochelle C. Samson, RN
Nurse I

Mr. Rio G. Turla, RN
Nurse I (Mexico Campus)

Mrs. Jocelyn S. Santos, RN
Nurse I (Sto. Tomas Campus)


Dental Services Staff

Dr. Joseph L. Luzung
Dentist III

Mrs. Anna Lyn C. Espino
Dental Aide


(As of August 2019)