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The DHVSU – Mexico Campus (DMC) was initially established as an extension campus during the administration of former University President Ernesto T. Nicdao, at the time when the lahar calamity was still a threat in Bacolor. The campus started its operation in 1997 with a total of 231 college students. The initial program offerings were (1.) Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, (2.) Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology, (3.) Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, (4.) Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, (5.) Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and (6.) the ladderized programs in Technological Education.

The baccalaureate programs were offered from 1997 to 2004. And, only the ladderized programs were left and offered until the second semester of the A.Y. 2006-2007. Due to the decrease in enrollment in the A.Y. 2007-2008, the administration decided to temporarily halt the campus' operation. However, insistent demands and requests from the people in nearby communities prompted the campus' reopening in the A.Y. 2008-2009. The resumption was made possible through the joint initiative of Pampanga Third District Representative Cong. Aurelio D. Gonzales Jr. and DHVSU President Dr. Enrique G. Baking.

June 2008 saw DMC’s reopening with an initial enrollment of 54 college students, under Dr. Nemesio Y. Tiongson as the first Campus Director. At present, DMC is home to 1,578 college students and 50 faculty members. Further, DMC is now headed by Dr. Vicky P. Vital. Under her leadership, for the Universal Access to Quality Free Education, the campus was awarded with nine (9) Certificates of Program Compliance (COPC) in 2019 by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

These are for the programs of (1.) Bachelor of Secondary Education (a) Major in Filipino, (b.) Major in English, (2.) Bachelor of Elementary Education – Specialization in General Education, (3.) Bachelor of Physical Education – Major in School Physical Education, (4.) Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education – Major in Home Economics, (5.) Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, (6.) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Major in Marketing, (7.) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, and (8.) Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. Apart from these (COPC) programs, DMC also offers (9.) Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology – Major in (a.) Automotive Technology, (b.) Electrical Technology, and (c.) Graphics Technology.

Bolstering the strategic objectives, mission, and vision of the university, DMC is composed of different units and committees among its faculty, namely, Research Services Unit, Extension Services Unit, Training Services Unit, ISO Audit Team, Occupational Safety and Health Unit, Gender and Development Unit, Planning and Development Unit, Guidance Services Unit, Sports and Development Unit, Technical Writing Committee, and Research Specialist Committee. These units perform specific functions aiming to maintain and uphold DMC’s commitment to quality education and services. As a testament, DMC remains as the top extension campus among others. Another, DMC’s Gender and Development (GAD) initiatives, projects, and programs have earned awards from the university, such as GADTimpala and GADParangal during the 2020 18-Day Campaign to EVAW and 2021 National Women’s Month Celebration respectively. Recently, DMC subscribed to a campus-wide Wi-Fi access. The facilities, such as industrial technology laboratories, shops, and lecture rooms, were refurnished. New buildings, such as the campus library and medical-dental clinic, were also constructed to cater for the needs of DMC’s growing studentry and faculty.

Program Offerings

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
        Major in Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Elementary Education
       Major in General Education
Bachelor of Secondary Education
       Major in:
Bachelor in Physical Education
       Major in Physical Education
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology
       Major in:
           Automotive Technology
           Electrical Technology
           Food and Service Management
           Graphics Technology
Bachelor of Technical and Livelihood Education
       Major in Home Economics
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Faculty & Staff

Vicky P. Vital, Ed. D
Director, Mexico Campus

Program Chairpersons
Christopher S. Sicat

Agnes R. Regala
Aira May T. Balancio

Program Leaders
Borja, Sheryl L.

Dianelo, Roque Francis  B.
Galang, Maria Carolina D.
Gamboa, Almer B.
Miranda, John Paul P.
Penecilla, Elmer M.
Sabangan, Queenie Mahree D.
Sangalang, Ma. Nerissa P.
Santos, Roda R.
Velayo, Joseph Alexander B.

Faculty Members
Balilu, Reymond G.

Bautista, Rosielyn P.
Boltron Walter R.
Capuli, Elduz Kim S.
Castro, Lance Joshua S.
Comeo, Christian C.
Cordova, John Bhrenny M.
Cruz, Maria Anna D.
Del Rosario, Ma. Rebecca G.
Figueroa, Sarah S.
Gaña, Elizabeth P.
Garcia, Fatima D.
Garcia, Jeffrey M.
Garcia, Mitchie M.
Gonzales, Dina D.
Gonzales, Noel C.
Lagman, Denmark L.
Liangco, Oliver R.
Malonzo, Marifi M.
Mamucud, Carmina G
Manalo, Dyan Laurice L.
Marcelo, Ervy S.
Martinez, Amado
Mercado, Jenard C.
Misiera, Lisa Marie S.
Nagun, Earl Joseph
Palma, Reydolph P.
Panlilio, Mark Melvin A.
Perez, Mark Jameson R.
Salas, Wilma D.
San Juan, Jesus P.
Santiago, Jose Paulo F.
Sapnu, Allan Jay M.
Solis, Laharni M.
Sunga, Darwin Alvin I.
Victoria, Albert A.

Administrative Staff
Dela Cruz, Eufrocino G. 

Dizon, Elmer M. 
Galvan, John E. 
Pangan, Danilo B.
Pineda, Alain L.
Tam, Marjorie L.
Tiongson, Floracel D.
Traviña, Unard M.
Turla, Rio G.