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The University Extension Services (UES) of the Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University envisions to be the leading sector and center of excellence in technology dissemination and utilization of the institution in enriching the lives of target clients /sectors for sustainable countryside development through the conduct of dynamic extension services of the University.


The University Extension Services (UES), a dynamic service oriented sector of the DHVTSU, and is composed of qualified extension workers, stimulates rural development for the enhancement of capabilities in advanced science, technology, technological education for industry and academe- related sectors, through provisions of appropriate assistance, technology transfer, continuing education, training, information and honest concern on the welfare of the least advantaged people in the development of the community that will contribute significantly in improving the quality of life of the various target clients of the University.


  • Disseminate appropriate information and technology of practical application through effective technology transfer, continuing education and training, suitable community services and proper utilization of state-of-the-art amenities and facilities towards achieving millennium national development goals to the target clientele for the improvement of their quality of life;
  • Generate and disseminate extension projects/programs in identified priority areas in advance technology and technological education, applied science and related areas for global competitiveness;


To attain the goals, the DHVTSU has the following specific objectives:

  • To strengthen linkages with local, national and international funding agencies;
  • To implement relevant extension programs that will improve science and technology systems, processes, materials and products;
  • To conduct enhancement programs that will contribute substantially to the productivity of professionals, Out-of-School-Youth (OSY), adults and other target clients toward achieving millennium development goals;
  • To actualize partnership of research and extension services with the faculty staff and students that will enhance their capability in the delivery of extension services towards a realistic community development;
  • To provide a dynamic and integrated community development service in the target areas of the University through collaborative efforts of faculty, the students and the community; and
  • To develop state-of-the-art education and training materials for the effective promotion and dissemination of extension programs.

Extension Services Units

The Office of the Extension Services, as an inherent function of the University, is basically concerned with ascertaining and improving the current state of development. It emphasizes the intensification of the current degree of practical adaptation and utilization of science and technologies in order to achieve and sustain acceptable levels of human development. It aims to inform, train and serve directly the defined clientele. It covers programs that initiate, and sustain the development of the target institution/communities. It particularly deals with packaging and disseminating of information, training of the transfer of knowledge, upgrading of skills, developing of attitude needed for personal, socio – cultural development; demonstrating and applying of technologies, tools, materials, processes and products generated through research in the University and in selected institutions for countryside development.

Based on this concept, the UES prepares, coordinates, consolidates and operationalizes the extension program of the University and its campuses. It also recommends policies on extension for the attainment of its objectives and renders better services to clients.

Technology Transfer and Continuing Education Services (TTCES) 
This aims to package suitable and viable technologies for the development and research results of the University, government and non – government organization for dissemination, adaptation and utilization based on community needs.  It also encourages development of behavioral changes in knowledge, skills and values for effective development of workers.  Furthermore, it includes short – term livelihood and non–degree training program, upgrading courses/advanced continuing education in engineering, science and technology management intended to operationalize technologies in support of the national development programs.

Communication Media Technology and Promotion Services (CMTPS)  
This involves development of schemes and materials for effective communication support systems and approaches to increase awareness in instruction, and understand the concept of development.  This program provides for print and non – print media and other means of communication materials for reaching out and for involving the target clientele and the general public.  This also includes development and publication of manuals, brochures, pamphlets and newsletter.

Internal Capability Development Services (ICDS)
This aims to strengthen capabilities of University Extension Staff through various formal and non – formal education means.  It covers programs like seminars, training – workshop and other professional opportunities that encourage and develop staff in the fulfillment of extension tasks for a service – oriented action and responsibilities.

Community Building Development Services (CBDS)
This aims to establish partnership with the communities, agencies and organizations, to render effective community welfare programs. It is also in-charge of developing, monitoring and evaluating community welfare programs hand-in-hand with communities and/or partner agencies and organizations toward community development.

Special Project Development Services (SPDS)
This aims to respond to the immediate needs of a particular group and facilitate the implementation of the thrusts of the University and the present administration.  It covers programs on poverty alleviation, cooperatives, resource generation, etc.  It also establishes linkages with NGO’s and GO’s.


Extension Services Staff

Engr. Ranie B. Canlas
Vice President for Research, Extension and Training

Engr. Rhoderick M. Favorito
Director, Extension Services